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Read everything you can find. Try to get outside your own paradigm and evaluate the various positions as objectively as possible. Play the devils advocate. Dont become complacent or self satisfied. Really know not just what youre talking about, but why. Construct your argument like the Greeks did 2500 years agowith logos, ethos, and pathos.

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Not doing so will get your article rejected quicker than anything else. Read this list, print it out, and keep it by you when you are writing an article. Read each tip and make sure that you are following it. Making the above mistakes will insult the intelligence of both the publishers and their readers, as well as wasting your time and theirs. About The AuthorBrandie King is a writer and author who teaches other writers how to write, as well as promote, using articles. She is currently looking for a wide variety of articles on a wide variety of topics for her article directory.

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Certain examiner may work Saturdays if the work is available and in the summer months, they may finish later if they wish. A typical day will consist of 7 driving tests. each lasting an average of 40 minutes. A driving examiner is trained to assess a learners ability to drive safely in a variety of conditions and the results of which are marked on the driving test report. A typical driving test will involve the examiner:Although an examiner has a general set of rules they must abide by for passing or failing a driving test, they can use their discretion in certain situations. Driving through a red light for example during a test is a failure and nothing can be done to change the outcome. Although if for example a learner was to hit the kerb whilst parking up, a good examiner will request that the learner parks up a little more than usual to establish if hitting the kerb is a frequent mistake or a one off. Many years ago the role of the driving test examiner was often filled by retired policemen. Along with this came the rather stern and cold attitude that many of the police seem to have. Things however have changed and anyone that has held a UK or EU driving licence continuously for a minimum of four years and has no more than three penalty points can apply to be a driving test examiner. Part of the four week driving examiner training course set out by the DVSA is customer focus.

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