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"I want to get it set up and back under control. "Changes to the River Bend Golf Course to remedy flooding issues could cost millions, a consultant told city council members last week. For the previous two years, the course has flooded, damaging fairways, killing trees and limiting play. Last year, the course was underwater, except for the high points of three holes, an aerial map shows. The entire course is in the FEMA flood plan and is a relatively flat course so if it floods, water will move across it, said Patrick Wyss of Wyss Associates in Rapid City. While there will be good years, its going to flood, he said.

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Here are some links related to our state of education in India. The most uncommon Sense of changing dynamics of education and skills enhancement to meet modern industry requirements, needs lot of attention but the challenge to eliminate Common Nonsense of todays educational institutes and students attitudes towards learning is a big challenge and im hoping to hear from you what we can do together. Comments are much appreciated. ThanksA wide variety of topics ranging from Personality enhancement to Inspiring and innovative information from across the planet. Studebaker's Erskine Six, produced from 1927 to 1930 and named for Studebaker's president at that time, was meant to be a compact six cylinder car that appealed to the European as well as the American market. Its smart styling was impressive and it had its admirersbut it never sold especially well. Mechanical deficiencies, a price significantly higher than that of competitors, and frequent changes to its look and its marketing kept customers away. First the Erskine was touted as a European car, then as a European car built expressly for Americans, and finally as just an American car. Body styles changed year by year, and prices yo yoed frequently. Though Studebaker was building a reputation for its advanced, well engineered, and powerful motors, the first Erskines instead were assembled models utilizing a lower cost Continental engine. Erskine sales were also disadvantaged because Erskines fell in Studebaker's lower priced market, meaning dealers made less profit on their sales.

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Khan had allies in high places who, rather than ignoring his activities, were directly involved. In Pakistan this can only mean the generals, including some of those currently in power, and to a certain but unknowable degree Musharraf himself. Hasan mentioned that the country's leaders had without question been given plenty of warning. It turns out that Munir Ahmed Khan, A. Q. Khan's despised rival and the director of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, had been a longtime friend of Hasan's.

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Need some math lesson inspiration?We have your back!Here are 45 fun math ideas from Really Good Teachers across the country!All activities have been used and tested in the classroom, so theyre guaranteed to be teacher tested. Be sure to bookmark this article for later!To teach subtraction, I use bug manipulatives, an envelope decorated to look like grass, and party stationery printed with images of balloons and confetti available at office supply shops, or make your own. I mount the stationery onto oaktag and laminate; I then use a dry erase market to record an addition and corresponding subtraction problem in the top corner of the picnic themed paper. For example, after my students read the addition problem, I have them place at the picnic the number of bug manipulatives that correspond to the addends and then count to make sure they equal the sum. I then tell them that the subtraction problem in which the minuend is always the same number as the sum from the addition problem tells how many bugs are going home to the grass colored envelope. The kids then remove the correct number of bugs as directed by the equation. In my class, we do a lot of baking. Baking naturally involves the use of fractions, so as we bake, we talk about the measurements and I look for opportunities to challenge their thinking. For example, when a recipe calls for a cupful of an ingredient, I might reach for the 1/2 cup measurement instead giving us the opportunity to talk about how many of these 1/2 cups I will need to obtain the correct measurement. We do this with all of the measurements. We also talk about how much of each ingredient we need to double the recipe or to half it.

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