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"We're stuck in a vicious cycle of people who are disappointed in government and politics, and they don't vote," he said, pulling up a chart to illustrate this point. The only way to break this cycle, for politics to be responsive again, he said, is to get people back into politics and to take money and special interest groups out. To that point, Kanu is trying to increase voter turnout in the state in two ways: by registering people to vote and by going door to door, telling people why voting matters. The group's goal was to register 900 new voters by November; as of this meeting in late September, they had hit 800. Clipboard toting volunteers had knocked on 312 doors. Listening to the presentation, I couldn't help but be inspired.

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His mother was able to answer correctly when the medical staff asked her standard assessment questions who is the president, what year is it despite the increasing pressure of blood pooling in the back of her skull and pressing on her brain stem. "When I was called in," Okpaku comments, "I thought I was going to find my patient comatose and on her way to a better place. Most people her age would have died before I ever saw them. "Okpaku says that Irene Andre's cerebral hemorrhage was likely due to a simple weakening of a small blood vessel inside her brain that eventually started to leak. Unlike an aneurism, which forms in large vessels on the surface of the brain and, when it bursts, causes blood to pour out quickly, Irene's smaller bleed may have been seeping into her skull for up to two hours before she noticed symptoms. Her bleeding was in the posterior fossa, which contains two vital structures: the brain stem and the cerebellum. Okpaku explains that injury to the brain stem affects respiration, wakefulness and nerves to the face that control functions such as eye movement, tongue movement and chewing. The cerebellum controls movement of the arms and legs. Ironically, the fact that aging brains tend to shrink up to 25 percent may have provided Irene the extra space she needed during the emergency to withstand pressure inside her skull without damage to her brain. The most common reasons for the brain's vessels to weaken and bleed, Okpaku says, are long standing hypertension, diabetes or amyloidosis protein deposits inside vessel walls. Irene had none of these conditions.

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She would say things that did not make sense and she had become quite angry and irrational. The doctor told us that her condition would continue to deteriorate and that within about 3 years she would not be able to function on her own even at that time she needed full time caregivers to remind her what to do. I am a holistic health practitioner and so I am familiar with a lot of supplements, herbs and foods to cure different conditions. So I started her on some of the supplements that I knew about for Alzheimer's. These included Phosphatidylserine PS, L Carnitine, Tumeric, Ginkgo and vinpocetine as well as a multi vitamin. Two years after she started this protocol she went back for a follow up appointment with the Alzheimer's specialist who had originally diagnosed her.

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"BOO SAMA BOSS STEWIE!BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"LENG!cibaikia, u caught me with this 1, cannot stop laughingand it's not menyuntah, it's muntah. bah bah baheh boss i told u b4 not?When I was in standard 6, I was the state runner up in some stupid malay quiz. STATE RUNNER UP MOU?REPRESENT TO GO TO NATIONALS WOR!but lost there laAhahahh classic!:About Malay. it's like any other language, if you don't use it in daily life or you are not forced to use it, you'd tend to forget it. ahhahahaha. Speaking of Bahasa, I wonder whether i can still write reports in bahasa or not for Mal. Students Asso. meeting. anyway saya kasih leng kuasa sepuluh kepada saudara Stewie. hahahah!ABU!HAHAH. durex!selama ini, saya tidak faham kenapa boss stewie suka sangat bercerita pasal DUREX, rupa rupanya itu baju baru tuan punya ABU!HAHAH!BOSS, SAYA KASI LU SATU LENG BAEKKK PUNYA!LEPTON KENA BLANJE MAKAN ITIK!YEAY YEAY!I had coffee bursting out of my nose!You receive a Leng for sure!Btw, it's spelt koteh, not kotek.

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If we expect failures, we yield failures. Our minds are extraordinarily powerful, which is why we reap what we sow. We put these things into motion. Therefore,the answer is to simply change the mind and then witness the outcome of our different thinking and perspective. So then, trust our Public Servants, treat them all with all due respect and honor. Do demonstrate Trust to the one that have been en trusted with our Trust,for to do otherwise is to demonstrate incompetence in seeing how things truly are. Since the UNITED STATES CORPORATION is a Trust Corporation,was it not created for the purpose of being trusted. If so,then what is being said of the one that does not trust where trust has been entrusted?With all of the misinformation and disinformation concerning the Trust Corporation,of which we have seen several examples posted in our tenure in these Yahoo!Groups,as well as many other groups. Is it possible that these things are set in motion as a part of a test,to test our very integrity for the knowing of the truth of our disposition in relation to these things?When you choose to send using the Post Office,remember that this is International Post,which falls under the jurisdiction of International Treatiesgoverned by the Universal Postal Union,which is the top authority for all commerce on this planet. If you are not confident in this,then experiment with it first by sending a card to yourself. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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