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If theres a known problem, local authorities often erect warning signs, but you cant depend on being warned in this way: a new algal growth can appear in a clean body of water at any time. Theres a range of different types of algal blooms, each producing a different type of poison. There are three main types of toxins: one causes liver failure, and the other two are neurotoxins. Pets are affected after ingesting the algae, either by drinking affected water, or by grooming themselves after being immersed. Signs of poisoning happen very rapidly, within minutes or hours of exposure, and emergency veterinary treatment is needed. If the liver toxin has been eaten, a dog becomes dull and weak, often with vomiting and diarrhoea. This is followed by collapse, and then death from massive liver failure. If the ingested algae contain neurotoxins, signs include muscle rigidity, tremors and seizures, followed by paralysis, respiratory paralysis and death. A diagnosis of algae toxicity is presumed if these signs follow exposure to stagnant water, but it can be difficult to confirm the diagnosis. Attempts can be made to detect either the algae or toxin in stomach contents or in samples of bloom material, but its not always easy to do this. As with most cases of poisoning, theres no antidote for algal toxins.

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Ann Arbor is a fine foodie and beer town. I'm not a townie anymore, and surely new spots have popped up. I just typically don't go anywhere that wasn't around when I lived here. For sandwiches, Zingerman's Deli in Kerrytown is worth all the hype. I get Dave's Open Road 74 every time Amish Chicken, ranch, muenster cheese on Challah. For Pizza, I'm big on Pizza House, an institution in South University the subs that stays open late. On Washtenaw Ave. , Paesano's has been around a long time and serves up excellent Italian fare . I always loved the casual outdoor vibe of Dominic's near campus, which has beer and pizza. And for beer buffs, Ashley's is a great go to on State Street. Nicely researched, photographed, and comprehensively written article about a great, though perhaps unexpected locale for a golf trip.

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A refund is only available within the first 30 days of your membership. Refunds requested after renewal are not available. If you joined via the 14 day trail offer, refunds are NOT available. The trial provides the time necessary to determine whether or not Marketing University is for you. You access your Marketing University Membership by logging in at:f you do not remember your password, please use the lost password utility as our support staff does not have access to members passwords. If you do not remember your UserName, please submit a ticket with the subject line of "Log in Help" and provide the email address and full name used when subscribing. Log into your Marketing University Affiliate Account at:arketingUniversity Your UserName is the email address associated with your Affiliate Account. If you do not remember your password, please use the lost password utility, as our help desk staff do not have access to affiliates passwords. If you do not remember your password, please use the lost password utility, as our help desk staff do not have access to affiliates passwords. To cancel your Marketing University membership please submit a ticket with the subject line of "Cancel Membership" Please make sure to provide the full name and email address associated with the subscription. NOTE You must cancel your membership PRIOR to your next bill date to avoid that month's subscription payment.

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The year after that the district didnt meet my sons goals by using a para instead of a credential sped teacher to meet instructional IEP goals. Again the district did nothing except return some compensatory hours months after my son needed them. These things happen because it is so difficult to remove teachers. I provide this as an example of how union contracts provide benefits for teachers that are injurious to students. I dont begrudge the teacher for taking the leave she needed. But her ability to go stay out month after month was problematic for students. The principal couldnt hire a long term sub for the rest of the year because of the rules. As for the teacher that failed to do the job the following year, well, in typical style, the district just moved her to a new place where people are less likely to complain. Ive heard all the explanations of how students benefit when teachers benefit. I wish my experience told me the same. The union clearly always supports the teacher in a situation where teachers can benefit in a way which hurts students.

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