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The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was established in the year 2008 from the inception of the Institute. The Department offers 4 years UG program in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with an intake of 60. The course offers a deep insight into the design, development, manufacture and application of electronic devices, circuits and systems. The department of Information Science and Engineering being the youngest department of RRIT, BENGALURU was started in the year 2008 with an intake of 60 students. Established in the year 2010, the Department of Mechanical Engineering has traversed the path of knowledge dissemination and generation. One of the best college in Karnataka, I am doing my Engineering from RRIT.

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With more than 50 undergraduate majors and 60 plus graduate options, Kean offers on campus academic programs in Union, Jefferson, Toms River and Manahawkin, New Jersey, as well as in Wenzhou, China. Kean is the only public university in America to have a campus in China. Our students take study abroad to a whole new level by studying in more than 30 other countries. Learn anywhere, any time through our online degree programs. We offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate options that accommodate your schedule. Join the conversation about all things @KeanUniversity on social media.

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A handful of students at Fort Washakie High School recently traveled to Hollywood to attend the LASkins Film Festival, where a film they created about missing and murdered Indigenous women won the Achievement in Student Filmmaking award. A nonprofit group, the Barcid Foundation, came to the reservation this summer to hold a filmmaking workshop for interested students to learn about the topic and make their own films. When it came time to narrow down topics to make two films, the students settled on issues that have affected many of them in some way: drug and alcohol abuse, and missing and murdered women and girls in Indian Country and on the Wind River Reservation. Their film which includes interviews with area lawmakers, activists, experts and families of victims, along with conversations among themselves about the problem is the groups second, and comes as more people begin to recognize that Indigenous people are faced with high rates of violence. While the student filmmakers said the recognition theyve received along with traveling to Hollywood, bumping elbows with Native American actors in Hollywood and making connections with others in the industry was satisfying, the most rewarding part of the project was knowing that theyve helped raise more awareness of a problem and hopefully have inspired others to action. I hope that they at least try and help with this epidemic and actually learn more about it, Azure said of those who watch the film. And then hopefully they get inspired to try and find they own creative way of dealing with problems. How we dealt with ours was through our film. Across Indian Country, experts and advocates say alarming numbers of Indigenous people go missing or turn up murdered. Officials and lawmakers have listened to those warnings and are increasingly devoting time and money to help come up with solutions. Report for America is an effort by the nonprofit GroundTruth Project to strengthen local reporting in newsrooms across the country.

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