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Hardbound, 334 pages, B. Schnapper Executive Secretary and Editor, Public Affairs Press Washington D. C. Giddens, Paul H. , Early Days of Oil A Pictorial History of the Beginnings of the Industry in Pennsylvania, contains photographs from John A. Mathers, hard cover, printed in the U. S. by Meriden Gravure Co. , composed by Princeton University Press, Princeton NJ, 1948, 150 pages. Giddens, Paul H. compiled and edited by, Pennsylvania Petroleum 1750 1872, A Documentary History.

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1. 24. 2014 12:01 This article aims at sharing with the reader, my experience building the model that represents the car which won the 1967 Italian Grand Prix in the hands of John Surtees. Taking advantage of the opportunity of the step by step pictures Ive been taking, the article will be based on commenting them. By Martin Klein | 04. 01. 2013 11:02 One year ago, I wrote a note concerning the problems I encountered while building the 126C2 in 1994. That kit was all metal and it didn't allow for greater adding or modifications. This article aims at showing all the details I have added in my latest version of the amazing 1/12 Protar / Revell 126C2By Mario Covalski | 10. 30. 2013 11:22 Three years ago I bought Chevron's conversion trilogy for the Ferrari 312T to T2 '77, the Tyrrell '76 to '77, and the M23 '74 to '76.

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Based on these findings, this study adopted two theoretical perspectives as frameworks to study an instructors perceptions and experiences in a blended course: instructor role framework and activity theory. The next section explains why these two perspectives were chosen for this study. Researchers have emphasized instructors roles in online environments because they influence the success of online learning approaches Liu, Bonk, Magjuka, Lee, and Su, 2005; Oh and Park, 2009; Woods et al. , 2004. Berge 1995 categorized the roles of instructor into four areas: pedagogical, social, managerial, and technical. Pedagogical roles include designing educational practice, giving feedback, and providing opportunities for students to build and share knowledge and skills through interactive discussion. Social roles are to build social rapport, establish a learning community, and support interactions among students and instructors. Managerial roles are to manage the classroom, coordinate tasks, and supervise online discussion. Technical roles are to show students how to use technology and to support their learning with technologies. As new technologies and learning environments emerge, Berge 2008 indicated that instructors roles need to be reconsidered: These new dimensions of the learning environment. led to a demand for different instructors roles within different learning environments p.

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Each party shall have an opportunity to make a final statement. The Unit Standards Review Committee USRC shall issue a report to the parties with a recommendation on the disposition of the matter. Upon receipt of the USRC report, the Provost and Vice President Academic will make the final decision regarding the standards, taking into account all prior information produced under this article and exchanged between the parties and inform the unit of this decision within fifteen 15 calendar days of receiving the written report of the USRC. d Upon final signing, copies shall be distributed to and kept by each party, and a copy forwarded to the Dean and to CUASA. Once signed by the Dean and the Provost and Vice President Academic, standards will be in place for a minimum of three 3 years but must be reviewed at least every six 6 years. In exceptional cases, unit standards may be reviewed for cause after a period of less than 3 three years.

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Today, I want to chat to you about your elder and the upcoming hurricane season. Here in Texas we have a great resource available to our elders, it is called the 211 Special Needs Transportation Registry. This registry is great for the elderly. The registry is designed so that you can pre register your elder with the State of Texas so that in the event of an emergency, such as a hurricane, the State can provide you with some help such as evacuation out of danger areas. This is very important if you have an elder on a ventilator, dialysis, are non ambulatory, Oxygen dependent, or are in a home hospice situation. During our past hurricane, IKE, some parts of the Houston area were out of power for 2 to 3 weeks. It was hard for the City and County to help the elderly because they didnt know where they were. Can you imagine not being able to provide the basic necessities for your elder?I am sure that if my Dad had still been alive during IKE, he would not have made it with out any electricity for 2 weeks. He was on an oxygen concentrator, feeding pump, and needed breathing treatments to name a few of his electrical uses. If you live in the hurricane evacuation zone, you dont have a ride and you have a disability or special health care need, it is very important for you to dial 2 1 1 now to register for a ride. People who rely on or need others to provide their daily, routine care such as a child under 18 without adult supervision, etc.

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