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Think School Meals, while preparing food for lunch Sept. 24. The Villages Charter School Food Service workers Venita Brewster, left, and Renee Lipps model new face shields, which say Think Food. Think School Meals, while preparing food for lunch Sept. 24. The school began offering free balanced meals for all students under a national COVID 19 waiver of the U. S. Department of Agricultures Food and Nutrition Service. The school can provide all students a free breakfast and lunch until Dec. 18 or until funds run out. A lot of kids took advantage of it this morning for breakfast and lunch too, said school Executive Chef Jason Poplaski.

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Cheryl Meuret's ambition to play out an incredible 50th season of local softball have been thrown into doubt after just one team nominated for the season. A show being held at Theatre 44 this weekend by young performers will raise money for the children's ward at the hospital. When Stan Goodman began researching deaths on the Broken Hill mines he never expected that a decade later he'd be launching a 400 page book on his findings. City Council has yet to form a stance on an emergency services levy which would see households having to fork out hundreds of dollars a year. After a lengthy absence, medical interns could be back working at the Broken Hill Hospital as early as next year, Chief Executive Stuart Riley says. Resident speedster Steve Chinner has won the Broken Hill Mountain Bike Club's annual Poker Race, in a time of 1:23:15, the third fastest time in the race's 14 year history.

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Why?Because they are associated with an increase in the number of tumors found in the body, according to Simpoulos, a doctor who specializes in cancers. You should limit your intake of calcium. This means that you should also limit your milk intake to 2 glasses a day. Men who consume more than 2000 mg of calcium a day, approximately 8 glasses of milk, have a higher chance of getting prostate cancer than those who drink less then 1/4 that amount. Other dairy products such as cheese, ice cream and yogurt should be taken in at a minimum, also. Dairy products have been proven to show a 50% increase in risk of getting prostate cancer. These are just some of the points we need to look at when considering what not to do. You are on your way to a better life already. Now lets discuss what you can eat to create a better, healthier diet and a show stopper for the cancer cells. Fruits and vegetables are your friends. I know you used to sneak them under the table to the family dog.

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The more decomposed bark mulch is, the more nutritious it is. But you have to be careful because the more decomposed it is the more likely it is to hold too much moisture for a potting mix. Right now at the end of March, I have a big pile of bark mulch that Ive been collecting and adding to for about two years now. In about a week Ill order in another 15 yards of fresh bark mulch and have it dumped right next to the pile of older material that I have. Ill mix some of the fresh mulch with the mulch that Ive had for a year or two. I want about 10% of the fresh mulch in the mix to make sure I have good aeration in the mix. This is contrary to what others will tell you and its probably contrary to what I might have told you a couple of years ago. About two years ago I was talking to a very experienced, very knowledgeable grower that Ive known for about 40 years and he told me that he no longer uses any sand in his potting soil. As he explained it, and it made perfect sense when I heard it, is that the sand works its way into the pours of the potting soil and pretty much eliminates the veins needed for the transfer of oxygen. You can. If your soil is not draining well enough you can add pea gravel or silica stone to your mix.

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CHALLENGE YOUR PREJUDICES 2010 01 07 Article Teaching Empathy gamesI the new focus in education on the skills and dispositions needed for our students to succeed in the years to come. It feels like a return to many of the fundamentals that have been passed over since the inception of NCLB which spawned a concentrated refocusing on test scores. While teachers do need to be accountable, it is not simply for student achievement on test scores but for how well the students are prepared to take on the challenges that the world presents. The question then follows, how do we teach many of these skills?How does one teach a student to think critically or be empathetic?2010 01 07 Article Practicing Empathy: The closet thing I've found to what I want to write in my blog Definitions may be helpful here. If you have sympathy for someone, you are sorry for them, and show this in the way you behave towards them. If you sympathize with someone, you agree with them. If you take an action in sympathy, you are supporting someone. Some synonyms are: pity, commiseration, and condolences. On the other hand, empathy is the ability to share another person's feelings and emotions as if they were your own. Someone who empathizes is imagining the same sensations as that of those actually experiencing them, and someone who sympathizes is thinking, "God, I'm glad that's not me. " Empathy recognizes that we are all have something in common; Sympathy implies a kind of distinction between human beings, based on luck, intelligence, or social class, or race, or other justification or defensive measure.

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