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In L. Calkins A Guide to the Common Core Writing Workshop. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann. Celic, C. 2009. English language learners day by day, K 6: A complete guide to literacy, content area, and language instruction.

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Editors: Dr. V. Sangeetha, Dr. B. J. Geetha,Dr. K. Sindhu, Dr. S. Boopathi andMs. S.

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You may be envisioning huge classes where youll have to engage in very fierce competition with your peers to even get noticed by your professors. Of course, if you have difficulty in such a class, it can add a sense of isolation to your existence that can make it very hard to excel. This is why many international students end up going to a university that has smaller class sizes. Some US universities are very casual. This tends to be the case that the smaller universities more than it does at the larger universities. At a smaller US university, such as those located in the heartland, international students oftentimes get to know their professors on a personal basis, have plenty of access to tutors and other educational resources and have no difficulty booking time for labs, for telescopes or for any of the other resources that universities offer. Getting to know your peers is another significant advantage of smaller class sizes. American universities with smaller class sizes offer international students an easy opportunity to get to know their fellow students. Youll likely see the same people day after day and, because there arent so many of them in each class, youll get to know them on a first name basis. Smaller universities tend to have very tight knit student bodies and a less competitive environment than the larger universities. While a bit of competition can be healthy, it can be distracting for international students who are already dealing with more than what the average student has to deal with to get an education.

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