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Currently, the evaluations are used as a method of advancement for full time faculty. She believes that these evaluations could be repurposed to better serve the LCCC community. Lorain county residents were curious about the collaborations Ballinger has been a part of within the community. A question I ask myself when discussing with my colleagues throughout the county is; what are the programs should we be developing next to aid those in our county? Ballinger said. I get excited about where we have been and now, where we are going. Lorain county residents were curious about what projects Ballinger is most interested to implement. I have my eyes on 2019 for the next levy campaign because our general operating levy is going to be expiring. We would like to keep our recognition of having one of the lowest tuitions in the state of Ohio, and with this levy we could continue that for the benefit of the students. I dont think Ive ever seen this number of people, particularly at the college level, come forward for assistance, said Lorain County Community College crisis counselor, Quentin Kuntz. The recent rise in diagnoses on campuses have proven to be a burden on college counseling centers across the country. During the 2014 2015 school year, LCCC counselors had 360 personal appointments due to an emotional or mental health issue.

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