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, Quinn, E. , and Williams, J. 2006. Migrants experience of racism and discrimination in Ireland. Dublin: ESRI. Meade, R.

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The following discussion is based on King Sears suggestions for modifying the curriculum. Accommodation:The term refers to the delivery of instructional materials or the methods of learners performance which does not change the content or conceptual difficulty of the curriculum King Sears 2001. Teachers as well as the learners play a major role in the changes of instructional strategies in order to achieve the same intended instructional outcomes suggested in the overall or general curriculum. These can include incorporating different types of teaching and learning methods and techniques, such as audio visual materials, projectors, and pictorial representation among others and modifying the amount of input, changing or modifying the time frame for learning and teaching, and the amount time devoted to the support for individual learners needs. These techniques can benefit learners in the inclusive settings in Botswana and can target special needs learners who are, for example, visually impaired, learning disabled, and hearing impaired. For example, the use of a Brailler in writing and spelling competitions, enlarged test copies, the use of closed circuit television CCTV or use of a magnifying glass may be made for a visually impaired student. The intention is that the content and difficulties of tasks remain the same as the tasks in which other learners in the regular class would embark on. Switlick 1997 listed other examples of accommodations, such as requiring completion of every other word problem on a math worksheet, and providing for oral performance instead of written. It is therefore important to note that accommodation is not a change of educational input crafted for overall or general curriculum, but it is a modification of instructional methods and strategies which are targeted to meet individual learners needs. Adaptations:According to King Sears 2001, adaptation is a modification to the delivery of instructional methods and intended goals of student performance that does not change the content but does slightly change the conceptual difficulty of the curriculum. Adaptations of curriculum is a concept that usually require more teacher effort and time rather than simply changing instructional methods and strategies or access as in an accommodation, but it is a goal driven process whereby teachers usually first need to state specifically the intended goals for individual learners, like providing individual learner activities, individual homework and assessments or evaluations, and further using adapted or different instructional materials and strategies and activities for individual learners needs.

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Monroe, S. C. Monroe, M. A. Schwartz, and Q. X. Sang 1999Structure function analysis of the ADAM family of disintegrin like andmetalloproteinase containing proteins. Protein Chem. 18,447 465. C. Y.

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and Callhan, P. 1993. Issues the ethics in the helping professions 4th ed. Pacific Grove: Brooks/Cole Publishing Company. Day, J. 2010. Religion, spirituality, and positive psychology in adulthood: A developmental view. Journal of Adult Development, 174, 215 229. Gardenswartz, L. and Rowe, A.

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