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9Any amount paid by the parties as an advance on costs exceeding the costs of the arbitration fixed by the Court shall be reimbursed to the parties having regard to the amounts paid. 10In the case of an application under Article 362 of the Rules or of a remission pursuant to Article 364 of the Rules, the Court may fix an advance to cover additional fees and expenses of the arbitral tribunal and additional ICC administrative expenses and may make the transmission of such application to the arbitral tribunal subject to the prior cash payment in full to the ICC of such advance. The Court shall fix at its discretion the costs of the procedure following an application or a remission, which shall include any possible fees of the arbitrator and ICC administrative expenses, when approving the decision of the arbitral tribunal. 11The Secretariat may require the payment of administrative expenses in addition to those provided in the scale of administrative expenses for any expenses arising in relation to a request pursuant to Article 355 of the Rules. 12When an arbitration is preceded by proceedings under the ICC Mediation Rules, one half of the ICC administrative expenses paid for such proceedings shall be credited to the ICC administrative expenses of the arbitration. 13Amounts paid to the arbitrator do not include any possible value added tax VAT or other taxes or charges and imposts applicable to the arbitrators fees.

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I just want to say thank you for the guidance, and inspiration that your story has provided. Looking forward to what the future holds. Hey guys ,I am Shreya Singh Iam in grade 11 science. I study in India CBSE board . I would like to know if the chances decrease for getting into harvard medical school if you haveStudied in India. Its my dream of getting into harvards. Waiting for your reply. ThankyouEste artigo foi coescrito por Trudi Griffin, LPC, MS. Trudi Griffin uma Terapeuta Profissional em Wisconsin. especialista em Sade Mental e Vcios. Oferece terapia a pessoas que lidam com problemas de vcio em drogas, de sade mental e de traumas.

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And again I say, please dont use your keywords in excess. Make sure your content remains intact while you do this exercise. Couple of other things which need to be taken care of are outlined below. Keyword Prominence: Keyword prominence refers to how prominent keywords are within a web page. Make sure your keywords are prominent and at the same time, it doesnt make the user feel that your keywords are frequently repeated for no reason. Keyword Proximity: Keyword proximity refers to the closeness between two or more keywords.

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Generally speaking, a 25 year old guy is likely to run faster than a 60 year old senior. Now, this statement holds true, subject to that individuals physical condition. A fit 60 year old, who is a regular runner can surely beat a 25 year old beginner. Fitness or physical health of an individual also contributes to increased speed to run. In essence it indicates the absence of any health issue, or chronic or debilitating condition. It is but natural to assume that a runner suffering from something as trivial as a cold or fever, to something major like heart disease or arthritis would not be able to compete with a completely healthy individual. This factor can sometimes be overlooked, but does affect a runners speed. An uphill, uneven route or road in comparison to a flat even track, is likely to offer stiff resistance to a runner slowing him down considerably. The altitude of the place where a person runs can have a major impact on that persons performance. At higher altitudes, a runner has to breathe in more to compensate for the lack of oxygen in the air. The low density air results in less oxygen supply to the body resulting in muscle fatigue.

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Pairing equally well with jeans or an evening gown, you won't want to take these earrings off!The Checkerboard Cut Black Agate Ring is a great example of a way to tie your look together using luxury jewelry that is on clearance. What's so special about this ring?While most rings have metal bands with a stone on the top, the entire ring is made of carved black agate. This chunky piece is bound to be a show stopper!This Black Agate ring is over 68 carats of gemstone with smooth sides, and a glamorous checkerboard cut top. Unique rings always attract positive attention. From the Gems en Vogue II Collection, the Sterling Silver, Palladium, and 18K Vermeil Amethyst and Blue Sapphire Ring is sure to draw compliments!The chunky ring is crafted from hammered 18K yellow vermeil over sterling silver and features accents of palladium that are plated in rhodium. In a claw setting is an attractive checkerboard cut oval purple amethyst, which is highlighted and accented by two 2mm blue sapphires.

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