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Ali Akbar Khansir, Ph. D. Masomeh Ahrami, M. A. ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY ISSUES OF JAFFNA STUDENTSPrescribed as a Text Book for University Undergraduates . Dr. S. Jayanthi, M. A. , M. Phil.

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Tire manufacturers are pretty smart people engineers, designers, and the like and they figured out that they could save a lot of people a lot of hassle by putting some information directly on the sidewall of every tire. In Tire Tech 101 the first of our series on tires we'll give a tour of some of the most important bits of information that you can find on your tires, and what it all means. If there's a "P" appended to the beginning of the information, this simply designates its a passenger car tire. If there's no "P" at the beginning, the tire is simply engineered to different standards. The standards are set by two organizations: the TandRA The Tire and Rim Association and the ETRTO European Tyre and Rim Technical Organization. The next number "235" in this case measures the tire section width, in millimeters: the distance from sidewall to sidewall. Each tire is measured to specific rim width, and because rim width is often measured in inches here in the U. S. , it's helpful to convert millimeters to inches. Divide the millimeters by 25. 4 to get the measurement in inches.

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With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers free classroom floor plan creator will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover I 39 ve tried Dia and Gliffy because they were both free and available for Windows users. The student Hulu also comes with Showtime content which is an additional cost for regular accounts. Please click below to expand any category and view free software available for download. Graphic Organizer Generator Teacher tools from teAchnology. Research Review amp get best Deals on Gliffy for your business along with free consultation for your custom software requirements. ly Creately and webinspiration that i have talked about in earlier posts . Gliffy Diagram has three pricing plans i. gliffy. Gliffy Online has two ways to make document sharing simple. Some features of Gliffy May 01 2015 Gliffy FREE Devices Windows Mac Linux browser based About Create professional quality Flowcharts Wireframes UML diagrams and more. See more ideas about Nursing students Nursing study Nursing notes.

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This is because they do not indicate what the vehicle is doing, e. g. backing up or stopped. Many vehicles on the road today are provided with built in blinker lights which are connected to the lights in the motor vehicle and cause them to blink on and off to warn of a hazardous condition. However the blinker lights are usually separately controlled by a switch so that if the motorist is backing up he must remember to operate the hazard light switch However, the driver often forgets to do this because a possible hazard does not appear at the moment the vehicle is backing up. In the present invention, auxiliary signal lights which are detachably connected to the light system of motor vehicle are actuated by switches which close or open when the accelerator or brake pedals of the vehicle are pressed or released from pressure. Since the signal lights are detachable they can be mounted on the back of rental trailers or mounted on existing vehicles. In addition, in the present invention, the built in vehicle blinker circuit or an auxiliary blinker circuit may be used to cause the rear auxiliary lights and/or the built in vehicle lights to blink when the brakes are applied or when the vehicle gear shift lever is put in the reverse position. What is needed, therefore, and comprises an important object of this invention is to provide an auxiliary vehicle signaling system which can be easily attached or detached from existing motor vehicles and wherein the hazard blinking lights go on automatically whenever the driver puts the shift lever in reverse or applies the brakes. Another important object of this invention is to provide a simple auxiliary signaling system that can be easily attached or detached from existing motor vehicles and which comprises a plurality of lights that can be mounted in a single housing or in a plurality of scattered differently colored lights at the rear of the motor vehicle or trailer, and which indicate whether the motor vehicle is accelerating, coasting, braking, or going in reverse. Still another object of this invention is to provide a simple signaling device in which auxiliary lights removably mounted on the vehicle have switches which can be easily and removably attached to the brake and accelerator pedals in the motor vehicle and which cause all the lights in the vehicle including the auxiliary signaling lights to flash or blink to warn both oncoming and following motorists that the driver has applied his brakes or put the gear shift lever in reverse.

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Today, the 356 is a respected car among thecollectors, as it stood the test of time. Worldwide, thousands of356 owners maintain the tradition, preserving their cars anddriving them regularly. Porsche 968 is basically the successor of the Porsche 944. It has a low nose and wide wheel arches that helps accentuatingthe beautiful lines of this classic shape that in a Porsche GuardsRed is a real head turner. It has also the classic GT front engine,rear wheel drive layout with the added advantage of a rear transaxlegiving almost perfect weight distribution. Instead of the hidden headlights of the 944, the 968 has visiblepop up headlights, similar to the Porsche 928.

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