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Even souped up, the story is still too square for a girl of Prairie's sophistication; "I know, I know," she mocks in eye rolling exasperation; "Slow and steady win the race. " The segment ends with the hare turning on Prairie, who accidentally got in her way and caused her to lose; "You owe me a washer, girlie!" As in "Cinderella," the story is entirely drained of its meaning, and the hero is turned into a vain comic spouting one liners; indeed, this spoof turns meaning itself into a joke. Given all this glibness, it might seem encouraging to hear that this past season the producers began a "Let's Read and Write Campaign" after consulting with child experts about "what's new, what's important" in the field of early childhood education perhaps implicitly acknowledging their failure on these grounds hitherto. Alas, the campaign only underscores the producers' dedication to television's flip style over resonant substance. How do they go about teaching children that recent scientific discovery, "the wonder of books"?Why, according to the Children's Television Workshop's promotional literature, by bringing on celebrities like Lily Tomlin and the rap group Arrested Development, by parodies of books like "Donna Quixote," and by MTV style videos, like the one in which the Muppet group "the Alphabeats" rock and roll in the library. In this way, the Sesame Street tot is educated not in literacy but in televisionits grammar, its rhythms, its stars, and, most subtly of all, its cool posture of the contemporary ironist too superior for curiosity, enchantment, or ideals.

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Additionally, I discussed the results of four families in the neighborhood who have had their carpets Scotch Guarded in the last year or more. We paid the bill and I immediately felt the urge to make a mud puddle outside and then come charging through the house. However, we simply sat back and continued our daily lives. Our daily lives are usually enough. Two days later it rained. Our big dog came in from using his outdoor toilet dragging with him a little muddy messiness on his paws. Despite the effort I made to wipe it off, he was scampering about with large footprints revealing his every step. I didnt find that it came up off the carpet any easier than before. My personal assessment of the experiment was pretty simple. I felt that having our stuffed furniture done was well worth the money. I felt that having our carpets done was a waste of time and money.

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