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It is a political system, dominated by corporate power and the mandarins of the two major political parties, in which we dont count. We will wrest back political control by dismantling the corporate state, and this means massive and sustained civil disobedience. If we do not stand up, we will enter a new dark age. 1. Obamas knowledge that Trump was a fascist his word did not stop him from lecturing the American people on the need to open him as their next great American president with open arms after the Electoral College flunked Hillary Clinton. See and hear Obamas creepy post Election Day speech here. It is a remarkable thing to review nearly four years after the indecent and tangerine beast canceled the corporate Clintons return to the White House. "I don't get eight hours," Jones said about his workday sleeping habits. "Sleep for me is a privilege. It's a blessing if I can get it. " Night workers like Jones are at higher risk for heart disease, diabetes, and other conditions.

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Even the name of the group, Director of National Intelligence Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies, indicated no interest in external oversight. On the view that lying, evading and concealing are the counterpart and parcel of the Obama Administrations approach to national securitythe other part being that any and all strategies will be utilized without regard to accountability or oversightbecause these are necessary actions to protect the public at all costs, then Holders and Clappers actions dont reveal an abuse of power, but rather the precise and intended application of power. If the Administration promises to behave within certain procedural boundsalong with the proviso that it will be the sole arbitrator on when and how to proceed to execute its power, whom it will delegate its power, and who will be subject to its powerthen we should not name that the abuse of power, but the ultimate monopolyindeed, the ultimate expression of powerand laud the Administration for resolutely carrying out its own promises and marvel at its own rare consistency!In fact, as many have pointed out, the Obama Presidency is following in the footsteps of the Bush Administration. It might be more accurate to say that the current Administration is carving out even bigger footsteps for itself, what with its impressive record number of drone murders, solitary confinement based incarcerations, domestic and global surveillance, deportations of migrants, and its pointed indifference to looting bankers. By claiming the right to wield power without apology in all areas of national security domestic and foreign, and on behalf of Wall Street, the Obama Administration is claiming the status of the Leviathan, as the sovereign authority in Thomas Hobbes 16th century treatise on politics is named. The Leviathan claims both to be the actor and author of the collective will: once people have handed over their consent to the sovereign demonstrated by abrogating each individuals rights to kill, then the Leviathan claims that power in the name of the people completely.

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R. Hurst, M. A. Schwartz, Y. H. Jin, M. A. Ghaffari, P. Kozarekar, J. Cao, Q. X.

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Learning becomes a continual process of engaging the mind thattransforms the mind. Unfortunately, educators don't often ask students to reflect on their learning. Thus, when students are asked to reflect on an assignment, they are caught in a dilemma: "What am I supposed to do?How do I 'reflect'?I've already completed this assignment!Why do I have to think about it anymore?"In response to our questions, students who are inexperienced with reflection offer simple answers such as "This was an easy assignment!" or "I really enjoyed doing this assignment. " If we want students to get in the habit of reflecting deeply on their workand if we want them to use Habits of Mind such as applying past knowledge to new situations, thinking about thinking metacognition, and remaining open to continuous learningwe must teach them strategies to derive rich meaning from their experiences. Most classrooms can be categorized in one of two ways: active and a bit noisy, with students engaged in hands on work; or teacher oriented, with students paying attention to a presentation or quietly working on individual tasks. Each of these teaching environments sets a tone and an expectation.

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